Finding my focus (all puns intended ;-))

    One of my first blog posts was about “focusing until it feels right” and while this was about focusing my cameras I have found out over the last few weeks that it also applies to my creative, business and ‘social’ life.

    During the last two years after I had quit my old job and started my own little business, my life was rather chaotic. My inner child had taken over after too many years of being locked away and it played with everything it could find, continuously shifting focus. I know I needed that time to let my creativity unfold but when I finally fell quite ill with the flu and some following bacterial infections in December (luckily I am slowly recovering now) I had to accept that something had to change. My body was clearly giving me BIG warning signs that I had lost my balance.

    Being restricted to my bed and couch, and as we luckily don’t have TV, I suddenly had lots of free time which I could not fill with playing so I naturally (ok, after some moaning ;-)) started to reflect on the last years and to wonder about the future – the present wasn’t really that nice after all :-D. It did not take long before I realized that I had a focus problem. 

    While I love manual focus on my cameras I had to accept that for my life I needed something else, some kind of continuous auto-focus or focus tracking. Just playing around was wonderful but in the end nobody likes focus-shift on their lenses. So to keep my health, my creative life and hopefully also my bank account (yes, I also went a bit overboard there) more balanced in the future, some things had to change and I was finally ready to make the following changes.

    I want to move from idea gathering to implementation. All the playing around has given me enough ideas for years to come…and any further ones will simply be written down in my new creative notebook which I got for Christmas – yes, a real one with real pens. In that notebook I want to collect, to keep track of and to prioritize my ideas but most of all turn them into actual projects with mind-maps (love those) and drawings (I am a visual person after all). There is also space for any notes with regards to my photos and prints which I will need so that I can improve continuously by learning from my mistakes – and a real notebook works better for me than an app on my phone.

    But let’s have a look at the focus areas I came up with…

    For my creative life I am going to focus on creating tangible work.

    • I want to make at least one book in the next few months – again all hand-made.
    • Now that my UV Box is safely installed (yay, my boyfriend helped during his holidays) I will finally start with alternative darkroom printing – first Cyanotype, then Argyrotype, then Gum Bichromate and after that we will see…
    • Once my new 4×5 and 8×10 (with 5×7 reducing back) cameras and wet plate holders arrive I will begin to make ambrotypes again. It has been a while since I had my training and I wasn’t sure first if I would continue as I did not have the right projects but I always loved the look and feel (and even smell :-D). Now I have an idea for a long-term project that could not be anything else but wetplate – I will share more details once the planning is done and the details are fixed.
    • I am going to experiment with Direct Positive Paper as I think it would work perfectly for another idea I have… 😉
    • Last but not least I want to continue with my Chinese ink painting. I loved the 1:1 tutoring I had end of last year and it works so well together with my photographic ideas and my poetry…

    Regarding my business life I have to focus on marketing my work. I don’t even like the sound of it but I have to accept that one day (in the not too far a away future ;-)) I will have to make some money or this dream will cease to exist… It is now a fact, I will never be a salesperson (not even a bad one :-D) and being 100% introvert doesn’t help. I also simply don’t want to take that much time away from my creative life. I already do my own accounting and maintain my website, blog and Webshop which takes up enough time. So the decisions are to

    • Find a gallery/galleries that might be interested in selling my prints (not sure yet if I will keep the Webshop)
    • Look into the possibilities of publishing a book with a small independent publisher
    • Participate in at least one or two exhibitions (luckily the first one is already fixed, Connected2018 in April)
    • And if time allows, finalize my offer of a 1:1 mentoring about finding your creative vision and turning it into a final image (print, book,…)

    If all goes wrong, at least these things will help me to see more quickly if there actually is a market for my work.

    Oh, and there is of course my Social Media/Internet life that also needed focus again. 😉

    • I want to definitely spend more time writing. Both my short poems and the posts for my blog help me to focus my thoughts and feelings.
    • I would also like to continue to write for other websites/magazines whenever I am invited as that is so much fun.
    • For Social Media I will focus on Twitter and keep an Instagram account to share photos of my work and behind-the-scenes images. Last year I created a second Instagram account for the last part but I am just not good at keeping 2 accounts up to date and decide what goes where so I will combine them again into one.
    • I really enjoyed participating in 2 podcasts last year but though it is tempting I will not start my own…instead I am hoping for more chances to either be a guest or maybe temporary co-host on some of the great ones we already have…one of those will be recorded tonight and I will participate 😉

    Once I had made all these decisions which should help to balance my life with still enough room for my inner child but now also the grown-up side of me, I could finally concentrate on my health … after all, good health is the most important thing if I want to achieve any of my goals.

    Now my focus feels right again. 🙂

    So stay happy and healthy! Until next time and let me know how you keep your focus in the comments (the comments button is right next to the photo) and I will make sure to reply to each one 🙂




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